Wind Energy

Renewables – Wind Energy Metrology Hardware

Since 2005, EDCO has supported the wind industry with metrology support hardware used to secure metrology equipment at sites across the US, Canada and Internationally.  EDCO provides design assistance, drawing support, as well as fabrication, packaging and shipping of customized installation kits.

Contact David McKinney directly for pricing.

General Information

  • IEC 61400-12-1, Ed. 2 (2017) compliant (drawings available for purchaser verification)
  • Sensor compatible hardware or scribe lines for 0 vane position alignment along boom
    • Masts include scribe lines and/or indexing screws for alignment of wind vanes
  • Alignment capability of sensor when boom is fully extended
  • Simple ordering structure, 6 part numbers for 17 common wind resource measurement and power performance testing instruments
  • Single and goalpost sensor mounting options at top of mast
  • Two sensor mounting per boom
  • Can be stamped by Professional Engineer for any North American location
  • Aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel construction to maximize strength and corrosion resistance while minimizing weight
  • Custom options available upon request

Compatible Instruments

  • Thies Clima First Class anemometer and wind vane family, and ultrasonic instruments
  • Windsensor P2546 anemometer family
  • NRG #40 and Class 1 anemometer family
  • NRG #200 wind vane family
  • NRG IceFree3 anemometer and wind vane
  • R.M. Young Wind Monitor family
  • R.M. Young 81000 and 85000 ultrasonic instruments
  • R.M. Young 27106 instruments
  • MetOne anemometers and wind vanes
  • Vector anemometers and wind vanes