Leslie Smith

(360) 488-4388leslie@edcometalfabricators.com

Leslie has 20+ years of experience in metals manufacturing and 25+ years in management and training of individuals and core teams. Leslie is a hands-on owner and General Manager of EDCO and holds the position of Management Representative in the Quality Management System. She earned her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin in 1986 and her PMP, Project Management Professional Certification, in 2006.  She has worked closely with local community colleges and Manufacturing Centers of Excellence in the region to help develop a strong human resource base for the future.  Leslie instituted the AISC quality system at EDCO in 2009.

Adam Taylor

Vice President
(360) 488-4452 – adamt@edcometalfabricators.com

Adam has 16 years of experience in the construction and fabrication industry currently serving as Vice President and Engineering Manager at EDCO.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington in 2006.  Prior to joining EDCO, Adam served the Kiewit Company from 2005-2013.  Adam’s experience and responsibilities include sales, estimating, business development as well as project implementation and execution.  His management has involved a wide array of technically complex manufacturing and design projects. Adam’s engineering and project management leadership have helped EDCO to serve customers such as The Boeing Company, US Military and regional General Contractors.

Scott Wakeman

Senior Project Manager, CWI and NDT Level II Inspector
(360) 488-4451 scott@edcometalfabricators.com

Scott is a Sr. Project Manager at EDCO, serving EDCO customers across many sectors including the US NAVY, Alaskan Marine, Industrial and Civil Construction. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and the metal trades, Scott is an AWS CWI, an ANST NDT Level II MT and PT Inspector, and EDCO’s Welding & Coatings Process Controller. Scott’s experience includes 10 years with EDCO, 20 years of service in the US Navy, 3 years with Newell Corp., and 10 years with SIS Northwest/Snelson Co. With Newell Corp., a precision machining and fabrication company, Scott’s primary focus was on quality and safety management. At SIS Northwest/Snelson, an AISC certified fabricator with endorsements for major bridge, fracture critical and sophisticated paint, Scott’s experience included quality assurance, fabrication, and industrial coatings management as well as project management. Scott earned his CWI credentials in 2003 and 2010; has maintained AWS, ASME, AWS, ASTM and AISC records, logs, and calibrations; has tested and certified welders and fitters to ASME, and AWS codes; and setup all process and procedures for SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW and GTAW.  In addition to devotedly serving his customers, Scott’s generosity with his hands-on technical experience is an asset to the entire team.

Drew Elmquist

Engineer and Project Manager
(360) 488-4384 – drewe@edcometalfabricators.com

Drew is an Engineer and Project Manager with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Saint Martin’s University and over 10 years of experience in project management.  After obtaining his BS in Civil Engineering and Washington State Engineer In-Training Certificate, Drew worked for Richmond Engineering and Specialty Steel Fabricators as a project manager and designer, managing every phase of construction from bid to installation and working primarily on two types of metal fabrications, industrial roll handling equipment and structural steel.  Drew joined EDCO in October 2014, he manages and designs some of the most demanding structural steel and complex industrial equipment for EDCO’s US Navy, marine construction, and industrial clients.  Drew also leads many of EDCO’s precision machined projects which require metrology inspection.

Joseph McKenna

Engineer and Project Manager
(360) 488-4386 – joseph@edcometalfabricators.com

Joseph earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in 2015. During his time at WSU, Joseph worked with The Boeing Company to design and construct a system that automatically replaces end-mill inserts and designed and tested Solid Oxide Fuel Cell components for the Department of Energy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  After receiving his degree, Joseph was contracted with PACCAR to diagnose acute and chronic engine issues for North American truck fleets before joining EDCO in 2016 as a Project Manager.  Joseph serves a wide array of EDCO’s customers including PACCAR, PVL Technologies, Harbor Offshore, The Boeing Company, and Skanska Constructors.

David McKinney

Project Manager
(360) 488-4453  – david@edcometalfabricators.com

David McKinney is a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager with EDCO. Prior to earning his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington Polytechnic Institute, he studied Automotive Technology with an emphasis on Custom Chassis Design and Fabrication at Wyotech, Laramie. David held the position of Logistics Coordinator at EDCO from 2014 until 2020 where he gained experience in the oversized and special handling requirements for many of EDCO’s customers, as well as conventional shipping and logistics processes. David accepted the position as Project Manager in October of 2020. David has a keen eye for detail, and a passion for creating high quality work, all while growing and maintaining EDCO’s many customer relationships. David serves American Construction, Access Laser, and Electroimpact, among others.

Mark Vorobik

EDCO Founder, present Senior Advisor, and Past President
(360) 488-4450 – mark@edcometalfabricators.com

Mark has 50+ years’ experience in the metal trades and is the Founder and former President of EDCO.  He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Washington in 1974. He is a long-time member of both ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and AWS (American Welding Society). Since EDCO’s inception in 1976, Mark has invested continually in its plant, equipment, and people to create a strong financial and resource base. Mark is actively involved in estimating, sales, design, and leadership at EDCO. And his commitment to internal training has been ongoing. Mark sits on the Skagit Valley College Worker Retraining Advisory Committee and on the board of the NW Workforce Council.

Andre Melnik

Project Manager
(360) 488-4385 – andre@edcometalfabricators.com

Andre is an engineer and project manager who graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology and an associate degree in science from Skagit Valley College.

Before joining EDCO, he worked in the metals casting sector for more than ten years, designing and building foundry molds for a range of uses, such as turbine blades, heavy mining equipment, and consumer goods.

His experience includes design, manufacturing, CAD/CAM software, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, and construction. Andre serves a variety of EDCO’s customers, including aerospace and governmental entities.