Boat Passages – Various West Coast Locations

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, EDCO was contracted to fabricate the steel portion of boat gates and barriers for various US locations in association with debris boom barriers protecting hydroelectric dam assets. The work included shop drawings, material procurement, welding, machining, test assembly, coatings, expediting, shipping preparation and load out.  All installation completed by the general contractor. All work was completed on schedule, without shutdowns or cost overruns.

Fabrication at EDCO
At installation
Installation by General Contractor of the North Fork Hydroelectric Development Floating Surface Collector Gate Assembly - Northern CA - 2015. EDCO provided the steel portion of the assembly.
Installation at site in Oregon by general contractor
Boat passage Whiskeytown Lake, Whiskeytown, CA 2015 Showing fabrication and after coatings prior to shipping. This project included surface stabilizations tanks, curtain buoys, boat passage and bumper halves.
Boat passage and curtain buoy installation by general contractor